Dutch authority issues first warning to 'designer cat' breeder

Bambino Sphynx kitten
Bambino Sphynx kittenPhoto: castenoid/DepositPhotos

For the first time ever, the Dutch authority on food and consumer product safety NVWA issued a warning to a breeder of Bambino Sphynx cats. These 'designer cats', which have no fur and short legs, often have serious health problems. The NVWA expects that more warnings will follow, RTL Nieuws reports.

The company that was reprimanded was Cattery in Gendt, Gelderland. The owner says she has now had her cats sterilized, according to the broadcaster. 

The NVWA came into action following a request from animal rights organization Dier & Recht. According to animal experts, breeders of Bambino Sphynx cats consciously select harmful hereditary characteristics to get the "right look". Many of these cats suffer from skin cancer, respiratory tract infections and pain due to hernias and joint wear. 

According to the NVWA, this is the first such warning issued, but it will not be the last. "There are more requests for enforcement, not only for these cats, but also for others", the organization said.

Earlier this year the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality tightened the rules around breeding for appearance.