June breaks record as warmest ever on record

The beach in Vrouwenpolder, Zeeland. Source: Flickr/d_vdm

With an average temperature of 18.1 degrees Celsius in De Bilt, this past June was the warmest ever June in the Netherlands since temperature measurements started in 1901. The previous record was held jointly by June 1976 and 2017, with an average temperature of 18.0 degrees, meteorological institute KNMI reported.

This year June started out hot. The first tropical day - maximum of at least 30 degrees - was measured at the national weather station in De Bilt on June 2nd. In total, De Bilt counted four tropical days and ten summer days, with maximums of at least 25 degrees Celsius. Usually June sees one tropical day and four summer days. The highest temperature was 36.5 degrees, measured in Hupsel in Gelderland on June 25th.

The month was also exceptionally sunny, with an average of 250 hours of sunshine over the country, compared to the usual 201 hours. De Bilt had sunshine every day in June, even on rainy days. Hupsel also saw the most sunshine, with 270 hours. 


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