Populist politician criticized for linking rivals to rapes, Holocaust in tweet

FvD leader Thierry Baudet is facing criticism from other party leaders over a video he posted on Twitter. The video features women telling how they were sexually assaulted or raped by migrants and blaming politicians who "refuse to protect our borders", showing photos of GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver, VVD leader Mark Rutte and D66 leader Rob Jetten at the end.

The video was originally made by German women's movement 120db in February 2018, according to RTL. It has now been edited with Dutch subtitles, and the photos of the three Dutch politicians at the end. "Thanks to your immigration policy, we will soon be facing a majority of young men from a female-hostile society", is said in the video. 

The video also features the German phrase "Ich habbe es gewusst", multiple times. That translates to 'I knew' in English and seems to be a reference to the "we didn't know"-attitude ascribed to the German population after the atrocities of World War II and the Holocaust were revealed. "Ich habbe es gewusst" is also pasted over the photos of the Dutch politicians at the end of the video. 

"Goosebumps. And so true", Baudet tweeted with the video. "Vote FvD to fundamentally change the immigration policy. 23 May." Referring to the European Parliament elections being held in the Netherlands on May 23rd."

As can be expected, the video did not go down well with Jetten and Klaver. 

"In the Netherlands we have an open debate. Sometimes fierce, but always with respect", the D66 leader said on Twitter. "By accusing Rutte, Klaver and me of rapes and referring to the Holocaust, Baudet shows his most nauseating side. Sewer politics."

"Anyone who thinks that Baudet's flirting with right-wing extremism is coincidence, is naive", GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver said on Twitter. "Anyone who thinks Baudet sands up for women's rights, is wrong. Anyone who thinks that Baudet serves the interests of the Dutch, will be disappointed."

VVD leader and Prime Minister Mark Rutte did not respond on his social media channels, though the video will likely come up in the election debate between him and Baudet on Wednesday.