Fugitive denies putting crime writer on hit list

Ridouan Taghi
Ridouan TaghiPhoto: Politie

Fugitive criminal Ridouan Taghi denies that he put crime writer Pieter R. de Vries on a hit list. In a personal message to De Vries, the wanted criminal said that doesn't have anything against De Vries and that the crime reporter can go wherever he wants, De Vries reported on witter.

"I am relieved and I am inclined to believe this", De Vries said, according to NU.nl. There's no way to check that the message really came from Taghi himself, but De Vries believes it does.

On Tuesday the crime writer said that he was informed by the Public Prosecutor that Taghi had paid someone to assassinate him. In the message, Taghi calls this "lies" from the police and the judiciary. "As a boy I always watched your TV program with great interest", the statement, translated from Dutch, reads. Taghi ends by saying that he never responds to such things, by the wanted to rectify this to De Vries.

On RTL Boulevard, De Vries said he attaches great importance to Taghi's extensive message, because it is a risk for the fugitive to send a personal message. De Vries would not say how he received Taghi's statement. 

The Public Prosecutor believes Ridouan Taghi orchestrated a number of assassinations in the underworld, including that of Samir Erraghib in 2016 and Hakim Chengachi in 2017. Chengachi was not the intended target of the attack that killed him, and his involvement this mistaken identity murder prompted Nabil B. to turn key witness and testify against Taghi.