Amsterdam bans fireworks around Ajax-Tottenham match

Ajax football flag Amsterdam
The flag of Amsterdam football club Ajaxrendering: alexeynovikov / DepositPhotos

The Amsterdam triangle of municipality, police and Public Prosecutor call on Ajax supporters to not light fireworks or torches before, during and after the Champions League semi-final match against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday. The city will allow a so-called entrada, but only on Arenapark next to the stadium and only if no fireworks are lit.

"The triangle and the club Ajax want to do everything together with the many tens of thousands of supporters to ensure that Wednesday evening will be an unforgettable football party", the municipality said in a statement. But that is only possible with rules and limitations. "The safety of all supporters and aid workers is paramount."

The possession and use of fireworks will therefore be banned before, during and after the match. Lighting fireworks in large crowds can lead to dangerous situations, the municipality said. The city is also banning face-covering clothing around the match, as face-covering clothing makes enforcement more difficult.

On Wednesday Ajax is defending a 1-0 lead against Tottenham Hotspur in the Johan Cruijff Arena. If Ajax keeps or increases this lead, the Amsterdam team will go through to the Champions League finals for the first time since 1996. 

During the previous Champions League match in Amsterdam, the quarter finals against Juventus on April 10th, the hardcore of Ajax fans wanted to hold an entrada, but the authorities prohibited this. The fans still lit torches at the Arena and the police had to intervene. Five officers were hurt and the riot police used water cannons on the crowd of supporters, which included children and people in wheelchairs. Ajax fans called the police actions disproportionate, and Amsterdam said that it will investigate.