Princess Amalia more popular after King's Day

Princess Amalia
Princess Amalia. (Photo: RVD - Erwin Olaf)

Princess Amalia became more popular in the Netherlands after King's Day this year. The crown princess is now the third most popular member of the Royal Family, after her parents, according to a survey by DVJ Insights on behalf of RTL Nieuws. 

Like in previous years, Queen Maxima is still the most popular member of the Dutch Royal Family, followed by King Willem-Alexander. But where the top 3 was always completed by Princess Beatrix, Princess Amalia now stands in third place. 6 percent of respondents said she is the most sympathetic member of the Royal Family.

Half of the respondents said that they saw Amalia's interview on King's Day. And 67 percent of them said that the interview changed their opinion of the princess in a positive to very positive way. The interview can be watched here.

44 percent of respondents said they find Queen Maxima the most sympathetic member of the Royal Family. 12 percent chose King Willem-Alexander, 6 percent chose Princess Amalia, 4 percent chose Princess Laurentien, and 3 percent each chose Princess Beatrix, Princess Alexia, and Princess Ariane.