Amstelveen College closed Friday for fear of riots

The Amstelveen College is closed on Friday due to signals that students wanted to cause riots at the school during the annual Amstelveen stunt. The school informed parents on Friday morning. Amstelveen College deliberately waited to announce the closure, "because of fear of nighttime incidents", the school said, reports.

Normally the school would close after two hours of lessons, so that festivities for graduating students could take place. But due to the expected unrest, there will be no lessons at all on Friday for students who are not writing an exam this year, rector Anke de Peueter-Van der Veen said to after reports in Het Parool.

Most of the signals came from social media, according to the rector. "There were also signals from parents, department leaders and caretakers. Students called for 'serious riots' and to bring fireworks along, among other things."

The Amstelveen College said it will talk to graduating students in the coming years about keeping the exam stunt in check. The school has around 1,700 students.