Escaped wallabies dodge ten cops in adventurous morning

Police cornering an escaped wallaby in Kerkrade
Police cornering an escaped wallaby in KerkradePhoto: Politie Kerkrade/Facebook

Police in Limburg were rather busy Monday morning, dealing with the daring escape of two wallabies in Kerkrade.

A report of a kangaroo hopping around on the Kerkradersteenweg was called in during the early morning hours, which left dispatched officers unsurprisingly skeptical. That is, until they spotted a wallaby with their own eyes.

The tricky animal, which escaped from a zoo about four kilometers away, deftly evaded one officer after another. “Fortunately there are no pictures from the moment that the wallaby proved to be too fast for roughly 10 colleagues,” a police representative wrote in a statement.

“In the end, we managed to close in and catch the wallaby.”

It was at that moment when police, who were wrapping up the case that had them hopping mad, received a report of a second escaped wallaby.

In a stroke of luck, the overnight shift officers passed the call off to their morning relief and went on with their day.

Both escaped wallabies were returned to the Mondo Verde theme park and zoo in Landgraaf on Monday.