Dogkinis and selfie zones in gyms: This year's top April Fool gags so far

Hunkemöller's Dogkini collection
Hunkemöller's Dogkini collection. (Photo: Screenshot/Hunkemöller/YouTube)

April 1st has long been a day dedicated to fooling, tricking or pranking one another, and as always Dutch businesses stepped up to the challenge this year. With April Fool's day falling on a Monday, a number of businesses already launched their gags last week and over the weekend. Here are a few of the best, found by Marketing Facts.

Clothing manufacturer Hunkemöller is apparently launching a range of Dogkinis - bikinis for dogs, so that you can take photos with your furry friend on the beach, according to an ad posted on YouTube.

Basic-Fit launched the Netherlands' first No Sweat Selife-Zone in its Amsterdam gym on Stadhouderskade. This zone comes equipped with everything you need to take a gym selfie, without actually having to exercise. The equipment includes a water spray bottle, so that you can give yourself that just-gymmed-sweaty look. 

Pharmacy A. Vogel launched an ear spray to treat 'selective hearing', which apparently particularly affects children and men, according to an ad.

Young talent recruitment agency Young Capital launched a new primary school Young Capital Junior, with a curriculum that replaces learning the alphabet with learning the keyboard, learning Dutch with learning HTML and Chinese, and learning to write with learning blind typing. 

New York Pizza placed 3D printers that print pizzas at the NS stations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. "New York Pizza is the first in the Netherlands to place special 3D pizza printers that it developed with 3D Hubs. With this innovation New York Pizza responds to 3D food printing trends."

Bas Welling of advertising company Wefilm warns companies not to wait too long to own up to their joke. "Certainly in these times of fake news", he said to RTL Z. As an example of a bad joke, he mentioned HAK, who in 2009 announced that it would scrap its popular product kidney beans 'because of the greenhouse effect'. "The criticism that came from that is exactly what you need to prevent", he said to the broadcaster. "With such an action you evoke negative reactions. And it is simply not very funny."