Suspect confesses to stabbing American student to death in Rotterdam

Joel S. confessed to stabbing 21-year-old American student Sarah Papenheim to death in the student complex where they lived in Rotterdam. On Friday he said in the court in Rotterdam that he told the police everything he knows, but that he can not remember many of the events on the day of the murder, reports.

The young American woman was found in a pool of blood in her student home on December 12th last year. The police went to Papenheim's home after S.'s mother called them. The 23-year-old man called her and told her that he had stabbed one of his roommates. 

The suspect and victim both lived in a student complex in Rotterdam's Kralingen neighborhood. According to the Public Prosecutor, the young woman had 37 stab wounds and cuts on her body. Witnesses told the police that the two had argued before the murder. S. was arrested at Eindhoven station a short time after the stabbing.

According to the Public Prosecutor, there are strong indications that S. has psychological problems. That is currently being investigated. Investigation also needs to be done on DNA material found on S., the victim and on the knife found in S.'s home. 

S. will remain in custody for the time being, the court ruled on Friday. The next pro-forma hearing in this case is scheduled for June 18th. The report on S.'s mental state should be ready by then.