Eindhoven police commissioner prosecuted for corruption

Dutch police
A sign hanging in front of a Dutch police post. April 30, 2006Photo: M.M.Minderhoud via Michiel1972Wikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

The Public Prosecution Service is prosecuting a police commissioner from Eindhoven for forgery and money laundering. Peter van den E. has to appear in the court in Zwolle on May 20th, NRC reports.

According to the newspaper, the commissioner is suspected of accepting bribes from a friend, an entrepreneur in the security sector. This friend, Otto V., is also being prosecuted.

The investigation into this corruption case took three years. In February it was announced that Van den E. was dismissed for fraud and corruption, after working for the police for 40 years. He was on suspension for months before his dismissal.

Van den E. was director of 'Criminee!' for ten years, according to NRC. 'Criminee!' is a foundation in which the government and companies work together to use technical means to detect crime on company premises and parking places. Otto V. also worked for the platform. V. and Van den E. also worked together in winemaking in the south of France, where Otto V. had a vineyard. 


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