Housing costs hiked over 10% in 73 Dutch municipalities

This coming year the municipal housing costs will increase by an average of 3.4 percent. In 73 municipalities those costs are increasing by more than 10 percent. The waste tax in particular is increasing significantly, according to homeowners association VEH, NU.nl reports.

On average the municipal housing costs, which include waste tax and sewage tax, amount to 774 euros. Homeowners in Bloemendaal face the highest costs. Property owners there have to pay an average of 1,330 euros to their municipality, 200 euros more than last year.

Homeowners in Cuijk will pay 106 euros more this year. In Beek, Veghel, Scijndel and Emnes, housing costs are increasing by around 90 euros. And Amsterdam homeowners will pay 65 euros more. 

There are also a few municipalities where the housing costs are decreasing. In Waddinxveen, Goes and Bladel, homeowners will pay around 30 euros less this year.