Populist party leader Wilders files 25th motion of no confidence

Thursday was a milestone for PVV leader Geert Wilders. He filed his 25th motion of no-confidence. The 'lucky' recipient of this motion was Minister Carola Scouten of Agriculture during a parliamentary debate on pulse fishing. The motion failed, RTL Nieuws reports.

"What did I do?" Wilders responded when RTL alerted him to this milestone. "Ah, a wonderful moment. There may be many more to follow."

Dutch parliamentarians have the option to file a motion of no confidence against a Minister. If the motion gets a majority vote, the Minister has to step down. None of Wilders' motions of no confidence ever made it that far. 

"It's always annoying if it does not make it. Your goal is for the cabinet to go", Wilders said to RTL. "That there will be new elections and that the PVV will become as large as possible and that better policy will be put into place."