McDonald's Netherlands runs out of chicken nuggets

Chicken McNuggets
Chicken McNuggets. (Photo: Robson90/DepositPhotos)

McDonald's world-famous Chicken McNuggets will be unavailable at many of the fast food chain's Dutch branches in the coming days. Due to an error in the production process, many McDonald's in the Netherlands are running out of stock, NOS reports.

It is expected that the stores will be restocked by the end of this week, spokesperson Eunice Koekkoek said to the broadcaster. The nuggets are temporarily sold out because a certain batch was not delivered to McDonalds as a precaution. "Due to a malfunctioning part in the production process of a supplier, we can not entirely exclude the possibility that there are non-product bits in this batch of nuggets", Koekkoek said.

In the coming days, the fast food chain will therefore recommend other products to customers who came for nuggets. McDonald's other chicken products are still available, because they come from another supplier.