Videos show detainees partying in Dutch prison

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Videos surfaced showing detainees having a party in a Dutch prison. The two videos were recorded on a smartphone in the Zuyderbos penitentiary in Heerhugowaard in October last year, the Telegraaf reports. 

The videos show prisoners filming each other while they dance and rap. They can also be seen throwing kitchen furniture. What can't be seen on the videos, is any intervention by prison guards.

In a reaction to the newspaper, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Security said that the partying prisoners were punished. "Both the fact that the footage could be made with a telephone and the content of the images are unacceptable."

In October last year videos surfaced of prisoners having a party and using drugs in the penitentiary in Zaanstad, according to RTL Nieuws. Minister Sander Dekker of Legal Protection then said that the guilty prisoners would be punished. "You go to prison for punishment and not to have a party."