Dutch specialists recommend sexually stimulating babies, according to Brazilian Minister

A minister of Brazil seems to have a rather strange view of the Netherlands. Six years ago Minister Damares Alves of Women, Family and Human Rights said that in the Netherlands it is recommended to masturbate boys from the age of seven months. RTL Nieuws correspondent Sandra Korstjens discovered these striking statements in the recordings of a speech from 2013, when Alves worked as an evangelical pastor.

"In the Netherlands they hand out a booklet to parents in which they are taught how to sexually massage their children", Alves said in the speech, according to the broadcaster. "Specialists in the Netherlands, men who are very learned and have completed I do not know how many studies, say that a boy must be sexually satisfied from the age of seven months, so that he can become a sexually healthy man as an adult. And that the vagina of a girl must be stimulated from an early age so that she can experience pleasure as an adult."

This speech was made during a religious meeting. According to the broadcaster, Alves wanted to warn against the disastrous consequences of the policy of the left-wing Labor Party government which was in power at the time, among other things. According to Alves, the Labor Party wanted to teach about erections and masturbation in babies, under the influence of a group of specialists in the Netherlands.

A spokesperson for the minister refused to comment to RTL Nieuws on these statements.