Worst traffic on record in The Netherlands: Travel assoc.

Traffic in Arnhem from Snow
Traffic backed up on the A325 near Arnhem. 22 Jan. 2019photo: Provincie Gelderland

It was a record-setting day in The Netherlands on Tuesday, but in a particularly good way. Traffic jams stuffed up 2,287 kilometers of Dutch roadways, what traveler's association ANWB called a new record.

The jams were nearly double that which was recorded on November 1, the worst date of 2018.

The record did not necessarily translate into an increase in crashes. "The average speed was well below 30 kilometers per hour. Many people adjusted their driving behavior, so relatively few major accidents occurred," the ANWB noted.

"However, motorists had to take into account significantly higher travel times."

Snowfall first hit Tuesday morning along the country's North Sea coast, continuing north and east past rush hour and into the evening. There was no new snow in the Randstad by the end of the evening rush, but it was still landing between Eindhoven, Groningen, and Utrecht.

Sub-zero temperatures also prompted a code yellow weather warning for slick roads, expected to last into Wednesday afternoon.