Aussie cops find liquid XTC in champagne bottles from Netherlands

Drugs hidden in champagne
Scan of champagne bottles filled with liquid XTC. 19 January 2019.Photo: Australian Border Force

The Australian border police in Sydney discovered a number of champagne bottles that didn't contain champagne, but liquid ecstasy. Most of these bottles were shipped to Australia from Belgium, but a number also came from the Netherlands, France and Germany, the Australian Border Force [ABF] said in a statement. 

The first discovery was made on December 29th, when anomalies were noticed on an X-ray image of a package from Belgium. Further investigation showed that four champagne bottles in the package were filled with liquid ecstasy. Since then ABF officers found liquid ecstasy hidden in champagne bottles in another 23 packages. A total of 96 liters of ecstasy were found.

The Australian police are investigating who sent these packages and the ABF will "continue to do everything they can do" to prevent more ecstasy crossing the Australian border, ABF regional commander Danielle Yannopoulos said in the statement. "We've seen how dangerous this drug can be. It can have a profound and tragic impact on individuals, families and the broader community."