ProRail to press charges against trucker in Leeuwarden train crash

Arriva train truck crash
An Arriva passenger train damaged after colliding with a truck in Leeuwarden. 11 Jan. 2019photo: ProRail

ProRail is pressing charges against a man who parked his semi-trailer truck on a level crossing in Leeuwarden last week Friday, after which an Arriva train collided with it, NOS reports.

Six people sustained minor injuries in the accident, including the train driver and the truck driver. The accident also disrupted train traffic and resulted in the entire level crossing installation needing to be replaced. 

The accident happened at FrieslandCampina's business park. According to the broadcaster, the trucker was looking for directions. He parked his truck at the level crossing and got out. The train crashed straight through the truck, separating truck and trailer and creating a cloud of milk powder, which the truck was transporting.