International train evacuated in Breda over suspicious situation

An international train from Brussels to Amsterdam was evacuated at Breda station at around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday. A passenger overheard a conversation in French in which the word "explosive" was mentioned and called the police. After around 90 minutes of investigation, the police concluded that it was a false alarm, AD reports.

The dozens of passengers in the compartments where the potentially suspicious situation was, were searched one by one before being let off the train. Some passengers therefore had to wait for around 80 on the stationary train. The passengers in the other compartments were evacuated immediately.

Police officers investigated the compartments and talked to some passengers, including the person who called the police and the two men who had the overheard conversation. The police concluded that the word "explosive" may have been said, but that their was no threat. 

Even though this turned out to be a false alarm, the police are still pleased that the person reported the potentially suspicious situation. "It is good that the reporter called. We expect that from people. So that passenger did very well", police spokesperson Eric Passchier said to AD. 

The international train departed again at around 7:00 p.m. The investigation also caused some delays for other train traffic at Breda station.