Enschede resident wins €30 mil. in New Year's Eve lottery

An Enschede resident is starting 2019 out 30 million euros richer. He or she won the main prize of the State Lottery's New Year's Eve draw. The draw fell on lot AV 83402, AD reports.

On Monday a record number of 32 lots per second were bought between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. That amounts to over 115,000 lots in one hour. In total over 6.3 million lots were sold. The total prize package for the New Year's Eve draw came out at over 67.5 million euros. 

The State Lottery invites the lucky Enschede resident to come to their head office in Rijswijk for personal congratulations. "What a great start to the year for this new Dutch multimillionaire", Sander van de Vooren of the State Lottery said to AD.