Law changes 2019: Housing and Living Environment

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The Dutch government is implementing a number of law changes on January 1st. Below find a summary of changes made in the category Housing and Living Environment. 

Home rents will increase by no more than 4.1 percent to 5.6 percent from July 1st next year. More information can be found .

The rental liberalization limit - the maximum amount of money you pay in rent before the home no longer qualifies as social housing - is increasing to 720.42 euros next year. This limit was 710.68 euros in 2018. More information can be found

From next year the maximum mortgage you can take out is. This means you can no longer borrow more than your house is worth. Other costs, such as notary or valuation costs, can no loner be co-financed from the mortgage. 

The cost limit for a mortgage with will rise to 290 thousand euros next year. For homes in which energy-saving investments are made, this cost limit will increase to 304,700 euros. 

For people with an income of above 68,507 euros, thewill decrease from 49.5 percent to 49 percent next year. This change does not affect people with a lower income.