Law changes 2019: Family

The Dutch government is implementing a number of law changes on January 1st. Below find a summary of changes made in the category Family.

The government set aside 248 million euros to increase childcare allowance next year. More information about what percentage of your child's childcare costs you can have compensated, can be found here

Childcare organizations will be subject to stricter quality requirements next year. This includes a higher concentration of pedagogical workers per child. Next year childcare organizations must have at least one pedagogical worker for every three babies, instead of four, for example. Babies will also have at least two permanent employees around them at childcare from next year, and each child will have a mentor that will keep an eye on and stimulate his or her development. More information can be found here.

Paternity leave for new fathers, or partners, who work five days per week is increasing from 2 to 5 days next year. Other new parents can get partner leave for a total of one work week. 



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