Amsterdam wants less cash in stores

Mayor Femke Halsema invited a group of Amsterdam retailers to the city hall on Friday to discuss how they can reduce cash transactions. The Public Prosecutor and the Tax Authority will also take part in the meeting, the Telegraaf reports.

In her invitation, sent on Monday, Halsema points to the criminal use of cash. "Because cash leaves no traces, it is misused by non-honest consumers to launder illegally obtained funds", she wrote. She believes that fewer cash transactions could lead to a safer city.

Amsterdam business owners are generally pleased with Halsema's aspirations, but not everyone will attend the meeting, according to the Telegraaf. One shopkeeper on PC Hoofstraat will not attend. "December is busiest month there is. Why jump this conversation on us now? I wonder if government company Holland Casino was also invited. There are many transactions with cash", he said to the newspaper. Packaging store Oger will also not attend. "With us, 99 percent of transactions are already settled with a credit card. Maybe it plays more at stores of popular brands", a spokesperson said to the newspaper.

Benno Leeser from Gassan Diamonds will go to the meeting. "I hope to get something out of it", he said. "And I would also like to know if we can tackle this on a European level."