Property tax increasing next year; up 32% in Cuijk

Property tax for Dutch homeowners is increasing by an average of 2.2 percent in the coming year, according to own home association VEH after surveying 111 municipalities. The outlier is the municipality of Cuijk, where property tax is increasing by 32 percent, from 259 euros to 342 euros. This comes on top of a 12 percent increase implemented last year, NOS reports. 

The municipalities of Sittard-Geleen and Brunssum are also increasing their property tax by over 20 percent. In 25 municipalities the property tax will decrease next year. Homeowners in Asten and Lansingerland will pay an average of between 27 and 30 euros less on property tax next year. Rotterdam is decreasing property tax by 2.4 percent. The Hague and Utrecht are increasing it by 3.2 and 1.2 percent respectively. Amsterdam was not among the surveyed municipalities.

Most municipalities have been increasing their property tax for years, as this tax is linked to the value of homes and the situation on the housing market is looking rosy. 

According to VEH, municipalities are increasing the tax because they need extra money to get their municipal finances in order. "We believe it is not right in principle that home owners in particular pay for budget deficits and for the facilities that all residents use", VEH director Rob Mulder said to the broadcaster.

He points out that in the coming years municipalities will have to make big investments to achieve climate goals. That bill must not end up with homeowners in the form of property tax, the VEH said. The association calls for a different tax system in which both tenants and owners pay a general levy.