Rotterdam terror suspect previously convicted in Germany

One of two men suspected of planning to commit a terrorist attack in Rotterdam was previously sentenced to three years in prison in Germany. He was released at the end of last year, was revealed in a pro-forma hearing against the two in the court of Rotterdam, ANP reports.

What the man was convicted of is not clear. But according to the Public Prosecutor, it was not a "terrorism-related" case. Neither suspect was present in the courtroom for the hearing.

The two men, aged 27 and 23 years, were arrested in June. They are suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Rotterdam and Paris.

According to the Prosecutor, both suspects are appealing to their right to remain silent - even refusing to tell the authorities their names. The older man calls himself Mouad M. The 23-year-old calls himself Ahmed B. or Salim A. It is this younger suspect that was previously convicted in Germany.