Dutch gov't to oblige companies to implement anti-discrimination policy

looking for a job. (Picture: Twitter/@TheBaxterBean)

State Secretary Tamara van Ark of Social Affairs and Employment wants to make it mandatory for companies to make policies that prevent discrimination against job applicants. To enforce this, the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate will be given more powers. The Inspectorate will be given the task to monitor companies' policies and issue penalties to employers who ignore the new obligation, ANP reports. 

"It is very important that a young person who does his best to get work, notices that it does not matter what his last name is. And that a pregnant woman is not refused a permanent contract with an excuse while she is still functioning well", Van Ark said.

The State Secretary is currently working on a legislative amendment to achieve this. Even before the amendment is implemented, the Inspectorate will conduct "exploratory inspections" at employers and intermediaries in the coming year. Van Ark also wants to focus on increasing knowledge and awareness. "Exclusion and discrimination sometimes occur deliberately, but more often unconsciously", the Ministry said.