Controversial bouncy houses recalled

The largest producer of controversial mulitplay bouncy houses is in the process of recalling and adjusting the bouncy houses to make them safer, RTL Nieuws reports.

Experts warned that the multiplay bouncy houses are dangerous and should be recalled. Over the past summer, at least two children sustained skull fractures after falling from such a bouncy house. 

The Dutch food and consumer product safety authority NVWA took measures, but only pulled the multiplay bouncy house in the form of a Pirate Ship from the market. Other variants of the multiplay bouncy houses remain in circulation, but can only be used under supervision and if fall mats are placed around the bouncy house. 

This requirement does not seem to work well in practice, manufacturer JB inflatables said, according to the broadcaster. "The problem is that renters always have to provide fall mats. We are going for a structural adjustment, so that the fall mat isn't needed anymore", technical director Mike Bosscher explained. The adjustment consists of installing a small net so that children can not climb on the bouncy house's edge and an extra piece of sail to stabilize the bouncy house.

The NVWA has been informed of the recall and an NVWA appointed inspector approved the adjustments.