Police investigating tips in teen girl's 1992 disappearance

Willeke Dost
Willeke DostPhoto: Politie

The police are investigating tips received regarding the disappearance of Willeke Dost. The then 15-year-old girl went missing from Koekange in 1992. The tippers say they found new information about where the girl's body can be found during a private search. The police are currently investigating whether this really is new information

The information is based on a private search that was carried out last year near the home of Dost's foster parents. According to the tippers, trained dogs signaled that they smelled something there and ground radar showed that something was underground. 

According to the police, the private search team shared their findings with the police after the search last year and the police investigated these findings. "The Cold Caste Team together with the Public Prosecution Service did not see any reason to search in the ground based on the information available at that time", the police said in a statement. If this is new information, the police and Prosecutor will make a new assessment. "Whether this is the case, is currently being investigated."

Willeke Drost's parents died in a car crash when she wasn't yet a year old, according to NU.nl. She lived with family members, foster parents and in various child shelters. She disappeared from her foster's parents home at age 15 in 1992. She'd been living with these foster parents since she was 10. On the morning of January 15th, 1992 her foster parents thought she had cycled to school. When she did not return home by that evening, and it turned out that she was not at school that day, she was reported missing.

Her disappearance was initially regarded as voluntary, but the case was later further investigated. In 2010 her foster mother and -brother were arrested on suspicion of involvement in her disappearance, but they were later released again. An intensive search was made for a possible grave in and around the foster family's home, but nothing was found. 

If Willeke is still alive, she'll be 41 years old. 

What Willeke Dost may look like as a 27-year-old woman
What Willeke Dost may look like as a 27-year-old womanPhoto: Politie