Amsterdam woman films sexual assaulter, perp turns self in

Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie)Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie)

On Thursday the police arrested a man suspected of grabbing a woman's breast on President Kennedylaan in Amsterdam on September 10th. The 26-year-old victim managed to record a video of her attacker, and the man turned himself in after the police threatened to make the video public.

The victim was cycling on President Kennedylaan on September 10th when she was cut off by another cyclist at the crossing with Maasstraat, AT5 reports. The woman pointed out to the man that she was also using the bike path, and when she tried to cycle past him, he stuck out his hand and squeezed her breast before cycling away.

The woman grabbed her phone and recorded the man while cycling after him. After a few meters of this, the man stopped, grabbed the woman's phone and threw it away. He then cycled towards Parnassusweg while the woman went to retrieve her phone.

On Wednesday the police released the video the woman recorded, but with the perpetrator's face blurred out. The Public Prosecutor gave the perpetrator two weeks to turn himself in, or the video showing his face would be released to the public. The man turned himself in, the police announced on Thursday.