Drought: Water level in Rijn at Lobith at lowest level yet

The drought in the Netherlands is still persisting. On Monday afternoon the water level in the Rijn river at Lobith was 6.73 meters above sea level, thereby breaking the previous low record of 6.87 meters from August, De Gelderlander reports. 

Landscape ecologist Alphons van Winden expects the water level in the Rijn to drop another 20 to 25 centimeters if it doesn't start raining in the river's catchment area. "As it looks now, we are going to set a new record every day this week. The water level just continues to fall."

The drought especially affects the shipping industry. Due to the low water level, ships have to take less cargo and therefore sail more often. The agriculture sector is less affected than in the summer, because farmers need less water now.