Pilots sue Ryanair over Eindhoven base closure

Photo: Ryanair
Ryanair. (Ryanair)

Seventeen pilots filed a lawsuit against Ryanair over the Irish airline's decision to close its base at Eindhoven Airport. They want the court to ban their transfer to abroad, according to their lawyer. The case will appear in the court in Den Bosch next week, ANP reports.​

According to the trade unions, Ryanair employees stationed at Eindhoven Airport were told they had a few weeks to move and start working at another airport in Europe, or be dismissed.

"The Eindhoven base will close on 6 Nov next [sic] and our pilots have been offered jobs elsewhere in the network," a Ryanair spokesperson said by email to the NL Times. "If they choose not to transfer, then we will respect their wishes but there will be no jobs remaining at Eindhoven."

Ryanair recently announced that it is closing its base at Eindhoven Airport for the winter, though the company did not say whether it would reopen in the summer. The four Ryanair planes stationed at Eindhoven Airport will be removed. From November 5th, the flights to and from Eindhoven will be executed from abroad.