Son arrested for Delft woman's dissapearance

Mona Baartmans
Mona Baartmans. (Photo: Politie)

The police arrested a 60-year-old man in connection with the disappearance of 79-year-old Mona Baartmans from Delft. She went missing on September 23rd, after being dropped off on the corner of Oosteinde and Broerhuisstraat in Delft. 

The suspect is Baartmans' son, Omroep West reports. His brother, 58-year-old Hans Lips, is not surprised by the arrest. His older brother has a history of violent crimes, Lips said to the broadcaster. "They probably found trace evidence in his car. Last week he said to me: 'You know how it is, they're coming for me. I only hope that they knock and don't break the door down'. Well, they did that", Lips said.

The brother was the last to see Baartmans, he dropped her off on Oosteinde. Lips has no idea what could have happened. "I really don't, and he is still just a suspect", Lips said. Though he is convinced that his mother is no longer alive. "She had a weak heart, had to be doped, and she could not survive a week without medication, so she no longer lives. Of that I am sure."

He hopes that his mother is found soon. "So we can bury her at least."