Populist politician's killer allowed to emigrate

Volkert van der Graaf, the man who killed populist politician Pim Fortuyn 16 years ago, will be allowed to emigrate. Van der Graaf and the Public Prosecutor reached an agreement about his duty to report to the probation service. He no longer has to physically report to the probation service every six weeks, but must send in a written report about his wellbeing every eight weeks until 2020. He also has to physically report for an evaluation meeting once every six months, NOS reports.

The other conditions for his release remain in effect - he can not talk to the media until 2020, and he is not allowed to contact the victim's family.

Earlier this year Van der Graaf filed a lawsuit against the Dutch State to get his duty to report lifted so that he can move abroad. In May the court ruled that he no longer has to report to the probation service, following reports from the Dutch institute for forensic psychiatry and psychology NIFP and the probation service that the duty to report no longer has added value. The Public Prosecutor appealed, saying that the reports were misinterpreted.

The court finally proposed that the Prosecutor and Van der Graaf sort it out among themselves. On Tuesday the Public Prosecutor announced that an agreement was reached with Van der Graaf.