Different gunman maybe responsible for Oss murder

Police at the scene of a fatal shooting on Hoogheuvelstraat in Oss, 4 June 2018
Police at the scene of a fatal shooting on Hoogheuvelstraat in Oss, 4 June 2018Photo: @politieob / Twitter

The Public Prosecutor has information that someone other than the suspect currently in custody may be responsible for the murder of Peter Netten, the Prosecutor said in a proforma hearing the court in Den Bosch on Tuesday. Suspect Kaan D. "may be protecting someone else", his lawyer said, De Gelderlander reports.

Peter Netten was shot and killed at the caravan park on Hoogheuvelstraat in Oss on June 4th. Kaan D. turned himself in to the police a few days later, saying that he was responsible for the shooting.

Last month D.'s lawyer Mark Nillesen said that the 23-year-old man from Oss shot Netten in self defense. According to the lawyer, Netten's death was the sad result of a quarrel that got out of hand. The two knew each other well. They attended a party in Berghem the previous night and started quarreling. When they ran into each other at the caravan camp later, the quarrel turned into a fist fight.

"They were fighting each other and hit each other in the face with clenched fists. At one point both pulled a gun one after the other. My client thought that this was his last hour an opened fire", Nillesen previously said to Brabants Dagblad. 

D. is still in custody. He is facing murder charges. The trial against him will likely only start next year.