Police searching for man who threw votive at Royals in run-up to Budget Day

Dutch police sign (Photo: M.Minderhoud/ Wikipedia). ()

The police searched multiple addresses in the Netherlands on Monday, looking for Erwin L., a man who threw a votive candle holder at the Golden Carriage on Budget Day 2010. With this year's Budget Day happening today, the police don't know where he is, AT5 and RTL Nieuws report.

One of the homes searched belongs to L.'s friend Nico van den Ham in Amsterdam. Van den Ham posted a video on YouTube of the police showing up at his door with a search warrant. On the video the Amsterdam man can be heard saying that he thought L. was in the Van der Hoeven Clinic in Utrecht. "Then he would be on the run?" he asks. A police officer responds: "Look, we understand each other."

Another video shows the police searching another home elsewhere in the country. That home belongs to another acquaintance of L., according to RTL. The police in The Hague would not confirm to the broadcaster that they were looking for L.

L. was sentenced to five months in prison for throwing the glass candle holder at the Royals in their carriage on Budget Day in 2010. He was released after the verdict, because he had already spent two years in custody.

After that he was in contact with the law multiple times. In 2013 he protested against the Royal Family on Dam Square in Amsterdam. A year later he was arrested in Munster, Germany, just before the Royal couple arrived there. He was carrying a sign with slogans against the Royal Family.