Dutch gov't to push more money into police, fighting cybercrime: report

Police. (Politie)

The government is pushing extra money into the police and fighting cybercrime next year. A once off amount of 30 million euros will go to fighting cybercrime, and the police will get an extra 58 million euros, sources in The Hague told newspaper AD.

The extra 58 million euros for the police comes on top of the approximately 260 million euros already being invested.

This extra investment is not enough to appease the unrest in the police. Police unions have been protesting for a better collective bargaining agreement for weeks. The unions want a wage increase and a lower workload for their members. The labor actions will continue, according to the newspaper.

This weekend the police unions call on their members to only respond to emergencies, and not do any of their other duties. Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security is trying to prevent this action in court.