Photos: Dozens of hot air balloons fill Groningen sky

Hot air balloon festival Ballon Fiesta took place in Meerstad, Groningen on Friday and Saturday. The show featured the largest hot air balloon in the world, shaped like a racing motorcycle, as well as dozens of other hot air balloons. 

The largest hot air balloon in the world is 38 meters high and 44 meters wide, according to RTV Noord. Controlling it is rather complicated, owner Herman Kleinsmit said to the broadcaster. "The motorcycle catches a lot of wind. That is why I also need a large field to land it. Steering it is difficult, but it is a kick. Every time."

A total of 30 hot air balloons flew over the Groningen neighborhood on Friday, and 33 on Saturday, according to the broadcaster. Hundreds of people came to watch. The organizers is pleased with the turnout. "Meerstad is a new neighborhood and we just want to show people that there is much more to do than just living here", Tanja Bootsman of Bureau Meerstad said.