NS introduces public transit service you pay at end of the month

Entrance gates at Dordrecht station, 8 Apr 2016
Entrance gates at Dordrecht station, 8 Apr 2016Photo: Henk Bezemer / Wikimedia Commons

From today individual travelers can pay for their public transit at the end of the month, instead of needing to have money on your public transit card and paying at the end of every trip. The new service, NS Flex, applies to all forms of public transport - trains, bus, tram, and subway, RTL Nieuws.

Travelers can sign up for NS Flex through the NS site. Users will then receive a bill for their trips at the end of the month. Those who subscribe to the service will in most cases pay 1 euro extra per month. Those who do not wish to subscribe, can still use NS Flex for a once-off payment of 10 euros.

NS has been testing this service wit a small group of travelers since last autumn. NS Flex has been available for travelers with a business public transit card for some time.

Travelers who use NS Flex still have to check in and out at the station.