No Ryanair flights to, from Netherlands canceled, despite pilot strike

Photo: Ryanair

Ryanair pilots in the Netherlands are striking on Friday. Despite this Ryanair said that no flights to and from the Netherlands will be canceled. Other pilots will be flown in to handle the affected flights, according to pilots' union VNV, NOS reports.

The Irish budget airline tried to stop the strike in court, arguing that the strike would have major social consequences. But the court ruled in the pilots' favor on Thursday afternoon. The court did add that next time the strike must be announced earlier, and that in that event Ryanair can not break the strike by using other pilots. Union VNV only announced this strike at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday. 

The strike affects flights to and from Eindhoven Airport on Friday. Of the 24 Ryanair flights scheduled in Eindhoven for Friday, 11 have Dutch pilots. The strike thus affects 22 trips back and forth, according to the broadcaster. But in a statement on its website Ryanair said that no flight will be canceled. The company speaks of an "unnecessary strike by the Dutch pilot union."

Union VNV is satisfied with the court's ruling, but regrets that Ryanair is flying in "strike breakers" - other pilots to take over the affected flights. 

"Despite the planned strikes, the expectation is that all Ryanair flights will go through on Friday, August 10th", Eindhoven Airport said on its website. No cancelations are shown on the airport's flight schedule. The airport advises travelers to check with Ryanair for the most current information. 


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