Beware of pickpockets during pride, Amsterdam police warn

PickpocketPhoto: Politie

The Pride festival is currently happening in Amsterdam. "Pickpockets are extra active during this period", the police warn, calling on party goers to be extra alert and take measures against this type of theft.

According to the police, pickpockets use different methods during the day and night. By day, they make use of the crowds, which mean that targets don't always notice when someone bumps into them and the pickpocket can then just disappear into the crowd.

At night, pickpockets tend to use a different tactic. They approach their victim amicably by means of the "football trick" or "dance trick" - they offer to show their target a dance move or football move and rob them of their property without the victim being aware of it. "Sometimes this amicable approach turns into violence", the police warn.

The police have a number of tips Pride attendees can adhere to to protect themselves against pickpockets. Carry your bag in front of you, and not on your back or side. Make sure the bag's opening faces towards your body. Be aware that there are people who might try to rob you. Always store money and valuables carefully. Do not put your wallet in the front of your bag.

If someone messes on your clothes, clean it up yourself - do not fall for the 'stain trick' by accepting help from a stranger, the police said. Always pay attention to your belongings if someone asks you for directions or something else. 

Always report incidents of pickpocketing to the police, and make sure you have a 'find my phone' app installed on your phone.