Travel agency FlyOrange bankrupt; hundreds of vacations in danger

Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Rotterdam The Hague AirportMaurits90 / Wikimedia Commons

Dutch travel agency FlyOrange is filing for bankruptcy. All FlyOrange flights will be canceled in the coming weeks. This involves dozens of flights from Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Brussels to destinations in Morocco. Hundreds of travelers will be affected, RTL Nieuws reports.

FlyOrange director Roy Smit confirmed to RTL that the company is filing for bankruptcy on Friday. "We are debt-free, but we do not have any assets at this moment because of a payment arrears from our partner Aviatrade." Aviatrade carries out flights for FlyOrange. 

The company is not affiliated with a guarantee fund, so there seems to be little chance of victims getting their money back, according to the broadcaster. "We still have 400,000 euros credit from Aviatrade and can compensate the travelers", Smit said. However, Aviatrade said that it still needs to get money from FlyOrange for unpaid flights in August. 

Whether affected travelers have been informed, is unclear. 


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