Hospital staff to also perform labor actions this week

Hospital room
A dialysis machine next to a hospital bed. 1 Aug. 2011Photo: Irvin calicut / Wikimedia Commons

In addition to police officers and security guards at Schiphol, hospital workers in the Netherlands are also expected to perform labor actions this week.

On Monday workers at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) will hold so-called punctuality actions, which involve following instructions slowly, carefully and to the letter. On Tuesday their colleagues at UMC Utrecht will do the same, RTL Nieuws reports.

Like the police and Schiphol guards, the hospital workers are protesting for a better collective bargaining agreement. Staff members at the other six academic hospitals in the Netherlands will protest later this week, if no agreement is reached in the mean time, according to union FNV. 

The union guarantees that patient safety will be paramount during the labor actions. At LUMC patients in emergency care, intensive care, neonatology and acute psychiatry will not be affected by the labor actions on Monday.