Police reopen 2010 missing person case

Herman Ploegstra
Herman PloegstraPhoto: Politie

The police reopened the missing person case for 35-year-old Herman Ploegstra, who disappeared from IJzendijke in Zeeland in October 2010. Partly as a result of new information, the cold case team decided to restart the investigation into his disappearance. They hope that new insights and techniques will bring more clarity about what happened to the man, RTL Nieuws reports.

The only thing ever found after Ploegstra's disappearance was his BMW X5. There were blood traces in the car. There are no indications of suicide, an accident or voluntary departure. The police believe a crime was involved in Ploegstra's disappearance.

Ploegstra led a double life, crime reporter Peter R. de Vries said to RTL. "He had several amorous affairs", he said. "There were also stories that he was threatened. A bullet was found between his windscreen wipers. He was very mysterious about it himself. There were lots of scenarios. It is a mysterious case."