Fewer foreign investments in Netherlands

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Last year there were 339 foreign investments in the Netherlands, compared to 409 in 2016, according to the Barometer on Dutch Investment Climate by accountancy and consultancy firm EY. These investments created over 8,500 jobs last year, ANP reports. 

With 152 foreign investment projects, Amsterdam accounted for 45 percent of all foreign investments in the Netherlands, compared to 40 percent in 2016. The Hague and Rotterdam both counted 42 projects with foreign donors last year.

The Netherlands is the fourth most popular country in Europe for foreign investors, after the United Kingdom, Germany and France. This is partly thanks to Amsterdam, which is the fifth most popular city in Europe when it comes to foreign investments. 

There is also more confidence among foreign investors that the business climate in the Netherlands will improve over the next three years. Currently slightly more than half of foreign investors believe that. Over 80 percent believe that the fiscal climate will remain good. Though confidence in the digital infrastructure decreased slightly, with only 76 percent calling it good.