Sinterklaas to arrive in Zaanstad this year

Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa). (Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa))

The national arrival of Sinterklaas will happen in the Noord-Holland municipality of Zaanstad on November 17th this year. Mayor Jan Hamming will welcome the Saint and his helpers in the historic village of Zaandijk, after which Sinterklaas will travel to Zaanse Schans on horseback, NTR announced on Friday. 

Hamming is pleased that his municipality can welcome Sinterklaas this year. "The Zaanze Schans with its historic mills, craft workshops and typical Zaan wooden houses annually introduces millions of visitors to the history of Zaandam. We are incredibly pleased that Sinterklaas has now chosen this traditional Dutch Decor on the Zaan for the national arrival", he said.

According to NTR, Sinterklaas let them know from Spain that he is looking forward to the arrival in Zaanstad.