Meat prices skyrocket in Netherlands

Meat processing
Meat processing

Meat prices in the Netherlands increased significantly last year. On average meat was 3.8 percent more expensive in 2017 than in 2016, the biggest price increase since 2001, according to figures Statistics Netherlands published on Thursday.

The price of poultry increased the most during the past year, with 4.7 percent. Pork and meat products like smoked, dried or salted meat were 4.2 percent more expensive. The price of mutton and goat meat increased by 3.3 percent, and beef was 2.7 percent more expensive.

The price increase on meat in the Netherlands was almost the highest in the entire euro zone, with only Slovakia seeing a bigger increase. In neighboring countries Belgium and Germany the price increases were half that of the Netherlands or less. In Ireland, Cyprus, Finland and Greece, the price of meat even decreased. 

On average, the Dutch spend relatively little on meat. Last year the Netherlands was among the top five of euro zone countries where the least money is spend on meat. Of the total spending on foodstuffs in store, slightly more than 21 percent went to meat in the Netherlands. The Belgians spent the most on meat, at almost 28 percent. 

Last year the price of foodstuffs in store increased by 2.7 percent in the Netherlands. In total Dutch consumers paid 1.4 percent more for daily groceries, clothes, benzine, rent and insurance premiums. 


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