Apache pilot to get Netherlands' highest military honor

Dutch Defense Boeing AH-64 Apache
Boeing AH-64 Apache photographed in Havelte, Groningen. 13 May 2006.photo: JePe / Wikimedia

An Apache pilot in the Netherlands Royal Air Force will be awarded the Military Willems-Orde, the highest honor within the Dutch armed forces, this year, sources told AD and RTL Nieuws.

Who the pilot is, and for what mission he will receive this honor, will be announced later. 

The Apache pilot will be the third Dutch soldier to receive this award since the Korean War of 1953. Marco Kroon and Gijs Tuinman received the Willems-Orde in 2009 and 2014 respectively, both for their actions during missions in Afghanistan.

The Willems-Orde is awarded to people who "distinguished themselves in battle through outstanding deeds and courage, skill and loyalty", according to RTL Nieuws. Since its institution in 1815, the Willems-Orde has been awarded over 6 thousand times. 


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