Trump's decision to withdraw from Iran deal 'clumsy', Dutch PM says

Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the decision of United States president Donald Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal "clumsy". The European Union leaders discussed this issue at an EU summit in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia on Wednesday, NOS reports.

EU President Donald Tusk also condemned Trump's actions. "Looking at the latest decisions of Donald Trump someone could even think: with friends like that who needs enemies. But frankly, the EU should be grateful. Thanks to him we got rid of all illusions. We realize that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm", Tusk said.

Prime Minister Rutte agrees with that, he said to NOS. "After much insistence from Europe not to do it, America quite clumsily canceled the agreement with Iran. On other points too America does things on its own, without taking allies into account. And that is not good." Rutte added that friendship with the United States remains important. "But the obviousness that you listen carefully to one another when one is planning something and align that to partners and allies, seems to be broken at the moment."

At the EU summit on Wednesday, the EU leaders agreed that the European Union should play a stronger role on the political world stage. "As Europe, we already have a major leading role in the world", Rutte sad to NOS. "But Europe will have to give more substance to that role with more confidence. You also see that in the area of Iran: we want to try and uphold as many of these agreements as possible."

The Iran deal was made in 2015 after 12 years of negotiations between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security council - the U.S., Russia, China, France, England - and Germany. The aim of this agreement is to prevent Iran from being able to develop a nuclear weapon. The agreement states that Iran accepts restrictions to its nuclear activities and will allow supervision by the International Atomic Energy Agency in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. 

The EU is still sticking to the nuclear deal with Iran. "This agreement is essential for security in Europe. We are determined to protect our citizens in this way", EU foreign chief Federica Mogherini said on behalf of the EU after Trump announced his decision, according to Earlier this week Mogherini discussed the situation with the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif, who afterwards called the conversation constructive.