Sharon Dijksma mentioned as possible Amsterdam alderman

Sharon Dijksma is one of the new proposed aldermen for the PvdA in Amsterdam, the party announced. Should the coalition negotiations end successfully, she will handle the portfolio for traffic and transport, water and air quality, ANP reports.

Dijksma is currently a parliamentarian for the PvdA. In the previous government, she was first State Secretary of Economic Affairs and then State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment. 

Should the current coalition negotiations between GroenLinks, D66, PvdA and SP succeed, the PvdA will have two aldermen in Amsterdam's new college. The other candidate is PvdA leader in Amsterdam Marjolein Moorman. She will handle the portfolio on education, poverty and debt assistance.

Although the negotiations are still ongoing, the PvdA is confident enough in a good outcome that they announced their two aldermen, the party said. "Sharon Dijksma has a lot of managerial experience, and also on these specific topics", the party said. "That is why the PvdA Amsterdam is happy and proud with her candidacy and the faction is looking forward to the cooperation."

Dijksma is looking forward to her new job. "I find it very special and an honor to be able to live and work together with my family in our beautiful capital. The challenges for Amsterdam are great", she said, according to the news wire.

GroenLinks came out as the biggest party in Amsterdam after the municipal elections. On Wednesday GroenLinks leader in Amsterdam Rutger Groot Wassink said that the negotiations are "well on the way".